How achieving excellent grades can hold you back in your career

You need more than grades to succeed in today’s world

Banji Alo
6 min readNov 22, 2021


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  • Degrees are fast becoming products instead of job skills
  • Grades are essential in assisting students in getting a foot in the door when seeking job opportunities.
  • Employers will continue to use grades to prune out candidates in highly competitive employment settings.
  • Grades should be a by-product of a successful ideal towards a goal

In the last few years, there has been a massive increase in graduates from all levels of education. Colleges and universities are churning out a high number of students who are under-skilled in several areas. Many factors have contributed to these low productivity rates. The job market is tight, and it is becoming more competitive for the available jobs. With a shortage of products or services, these degrees can become products instead of job skills. College graduates are turning to non-traditional jobs such as bartenders, dog walkers, and waitresses more than ever due to a lack of skills.

Grades are essential, but …

There is no doubt that grades are essential and can be the difference in your next career venture, either to pursue your next career academic degree or to land your dream job in the industry you desire.

As professionals, we have defined what success looks like. While some individuals believe success is fulfilling your purpose, achieving a goal or attaining a position, others think it is all about being the best you can be in your personal or professional endeavour.

A common understanding, particularly from an education standpoint, is that grades automatically translate into career success. The notion we get in school that success is all about achieving excellent grades is valid, however, do not confuse this with career success. It would help if you had good grades in school, but there is still work to translate your excellent grades into career success. Achieving a perfect GPA is just one of the many milestones you require to open the doors of opportunity and achieve a successful career.

The downside of the…



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